1+1 = 2 mind blowing links

Abby martin from RT has a story to share


Anaheim deployed military it seems. at 7s a military spotter spots cam op and another soldier takes a picture of the journalist


Bonus vid and likely what is empowering this facist takeover while we all sleep



Violations of our rights Police overstep and other major news

Animation project is GO: please see http://dbza.wordpress.com for more info. Much of the production and conversation about the animation is had on http://www.livestream.com/occupyptown There is a teaser of the animation look so far in upper left corner! Yes that is one of the Lil’ Anons from the Lil’ Anon chalk Army.

Police in NYC violation of our rights. This will extend to include the DHS, FBI, CIA, NSA in my eyes:


Mexico! Millions of people out in mexico. They are taking over the MSM stations there because they are liars who are complicit in the fall of humanity. We should do the same thing.

#GlobalNoize Meeting in mumble at 11am pst today (Friday)

SF had an amazing Hyatt action and calls for global boycott of Hyatt. Avoid the hotels like the plague they are.

Alex jones interview Dave Mustaine from Megadeth Dave says “we are in a fight for our lives” now dave is a smart dude. haven’t watched it yet but heres the link


Probably lots more to talk about lots happening all over chalkupy is getting big. It is spreading. Oh yeah #NOLA did a Burlesque show on @smallaffairs stream and the Olympics start:

Banksy did painting of javalin thrower throwing missle

All I can think about is the animation. I am very excited how its going to turn out.

❤ Peace RisePDX



Stuff happening everywhere

Syria – Ongoing

Syria is worsening quickly. Lots of youtube vids are coming out of there you can just search for Syria or Syria Graphic or Syria (any city) to find tons of citizen media about the situation there in Syria. The bad thing about Syria is the 1% are creating a WW3 drama and this is part of the drama.

Colorado Shooting – 7/20

The shooting in Colorado may not be what it seems. Check this link out and decide for yourself.


Anaheim Police Chaos

This speaks for itself. Notice the people sitting when the dogs attack.


Olympic news

Sounds weird but what if it did make a difference?


Marine battalions training right now to act as police force


Animation (Divided By Zero)

The animation is in progress and we made a milestone today! our first superhero is now imported into the software for action!!!!

Bohemian Grove

This is still in progress but the main protest was Saturday. Check out these links



Links to some great docs: (well cept tupac one i haven’t verified but starts GREAT!!!)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vghFPUk-qEg   Tupac 2012

http://youtu.be/O9kke4weORE   Modern servitude (MUST SEE)

http://youtu.be/6NMr2VrhmFI  North Korea Documentary

There are lots of other actions like EyeOfRah is going to start streaming a nightly news show, casserole marches, spain asked for a general strike. etc etc! Spread the world about occcupy. educate the 99% lets go!