#StreamersUnited threatened by Law enforcement

@CourtneyOccupy while filming an arrest was threatened by police of arrest for obstructing justice


The attack on the occupy continues with big government and corporations crushing dissent in any way they can. The one thing they focus on is the livestreams because information is power. They do not want you to know anything other than what they script for you in the MSM.

See the article below detailing how FBI, CIA and government are doing alot more than they say. In fact the FBI, CIA, Reagan, Bush, Obama etc have all unlawfully violated peoples rights and the constitution in the name of our security. Our security is crumbling before us but somehow this justifies the loss of our rights.

Streamers were arrested in #NO NATO #NATGAT etc, Jesse hadden was pulled into a kettle. Livestreamers were threatened during the 4th of july march in #NATGAT as well media is under attack not the #MSM but #occupy media alone.

Other news:

There is a documentary i saw on http://www.livestream.com/occupytoronto

Concerning Total Information Awareness the propaganda and lies that your government has perpetrated on the american people and people of the world.

http://youtu.be/s_EWKcGwwcs  <–link to doc

To wrap up the night we hit #TPOM200 tonight! 4-5 hours long each thats a goog 800-1000 hours of occupy information since mayday alone. Its a large archive of participatory conversation interviews people on the mic actions videos and more information than you can shake a stick at. If you get bored you can check out the TPOM hashtags although one of them has been deleted by twitter all the info is lost 😦 😦 😦 😦

FU Twitter!


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