Reagan FBI and CIA Unlawful quashing of protests

I missed out on the rest of philly. I will have to watch the streams to see what I missed. I do know this.

We just celebrated the fourth of a lie.

We are not free. As the grip of our illegal “LAW” agency’s strangles the occupy the streams and controls the media etc. As the government ignores occupy during its election campaign bringing abortion and gay marriage as the most important topics of American life…. We can clearly see the facist tyranny that is ahead.

The article I posted above is from 2002. in the very beginning of a republican president administration slamming the far rights vision of god “reagan” why you ask? Well its to rub it in your face that you dont realize what is going on here.

Think about it.

The 1% own the media and print what they like. They print what they want you to hear and dont print what they dont want you to hear. There is no “BREAKING NEWS” its actually “BREAKING BULLSHIT” now sometimes this “BULLSHIT” is true as in the case of the article linked to above.

We just celebrated the forth of a lie. We are not free. The perfect slave is the slave who cannot see the prison they live in. So you can walk to 7-11 and get yourself a nuke cola. If that is a measure of freedom for you then you might want to re-evaluate the current reality you find yourself in.

I did like this fourth of a lie however. The occupy was strong in philly the past 5 days. The guitarmy and the global roundtable is tomorrow. Everyone I spoke to today is now much more informed then they were yesterday. They will be tapping into social media “I hope” and i’m sure many others out there did this as well.

Its called outreach and if you can get at least one more person a day, and they tell their friends, and so on, and so on… you get the point….

OUTREACH is our future. Things are fucked up and bullshit and so I for myself will rename the 4th to Interdependence day. This day is not independence because the world is to small to be that selfish. It is not dependence as we currently have it because we see how that works out… but its working together in harmony in a smart intelligent and fair way to make sure that the planet we live on is kept healthy, as free of pollution and waste as we possibly can, and being able to enjoy life doing what we like to do… after all that is how humanity will advance the quickest without these negative feedback loops of resistance that occur when things are fucked up and bullshit.

I hope  this isn’t too long for ya’ll to read. Its a rant really. Thank you if you managed to stick through it and if I helped you reach the better understanding I acheived today then it was not done in vain.

See you tomorrow morning with GUITARMY and GlobalRoundtable


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