#StreamersUnited animated series

I am making an animation with occupy, streamers and 1% villians. I need more volunteers for art/voice acting/writers/participation in general. This is participatory media although the first episode I will mostly do myself to give everyone an idea of the capabilities we have. It really is a cool idea its participatory. It will be both educational, funny, and inspiring. Please contact me at RisePDX2011@gmail.com if you have talents you can contribute to this. If you are a streamer please let me know if you want to be in it. I will need a headshot and full body shot. You can draw your own body in lieu of a body shot. (I can put a picture head on an animated body) You dont have to have an animated body but can if you like. You can also dress up in a costume you want to be seen in for all time to come! Be creative! The streamers and occupiers will have superpowers. If you have a superpower in mind please include that with your pictures! If you dont one will be chosen for you.

Occupy stars in this too and you all are heroes as well. EVERYONE can be in this. I just need a headshot and full body shot like streamers description above. You can wear sunglasses, a mask, whatever you like! Be creative! The occupy will grow “virtually” as people submit their “characters” to the team. I hope to debut a preview of this on Jun29th during the streamers fundraising on OWNN.

This is voluntary. If you do not contact me you are not in it or involved. This way i’m not putting someone in it that doesn’t want to be. It is your choice if you want to be involved or not. If we dont get enough streamers and/or occupiers we will make up fictional characters or (NPC’s) I hope that this isn’t the case because that is going to be part of the fun! If I missed you in a tweet about this please spread the word! Lets do this thing its going to be great!!!!

There are a few levels of participation. please decide what you would like to do.

1. contributor actively help in any capacity you can with whatever talent you have to churn these things out!

2. regular voice actor (character) in the series

3. occasional voice actor

4. one timer with the episode revolving around the issue important to you

5. just an extra (occupier) for crowd shots and closeups around public actions.

^Rough outline and not set in stone obviously. This is all just to get the creative juices flowing.

P.s. a team is building but not quick enough. I would like streamer answers of yes to participation if you like asap so we can start building the characters!!!! =)

THIS IS A CALL TO ACTION!!!! LETS DO THIS! and have fun doing it! =)


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